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DreamHost Supporting 501(c)(3) Hosting Options for Non-Profits

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So you’re a non-profit organization wanting to get a free shared hosting plan (this includes email addresses and more). Well, you can look no further than DreamHost. They now offer 501(c)(3) U.S. organizations hosting made specifically for a non-profit organization and what’s better than a free website hosting plan?

How to Get Your Free Hosting

Well, first of all, you need to be an accredited non-profit organization. This will better help your discount. If you don’t have proof of your 501(c)(3) status, then you’re not going to get the non profit rates for Dreamhost. But if you do have that proof of license, you can easily sign up then get ahold of support. Give them the proof that they need, and then your site is immediately switched to a free shared account. That’s something that many websites haven’t jumped on the bandwagon about yet, and it’s starting to make its way in a big sweep since NPO’s can greatly benefit from a web service that they don’t have to pay for since they’re not in a normal tax bracket.

Just a Shared Hosting Plan?

Not only can non-profit organizations get a discount for a shared hosting plan, but they can save up to 35 percent on a DreamPress managed WordPress hosting plan as well. As long as you have your determination letter, then you are good to go.

Terms to You Should Know

Now one thing to understand though is that only one single domain can be free for the first year. After this, you have to pay the normal price after your first year of the contract is over when it comes time to renew your domain. You can get a Remixer All Access DreamHost plan since it is a form of shared hosting as well. Here are the options for the shared hosting plans available for non-profit organizations:

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Starter Shared Hosting – 1 domain (free for the first year), one website, five subdomains, email is available free if you’re a NPO instead of being charged, 50GB site storage, up to six MySQL Databases, and a maximum of six FTP/SFTP/Shell users. Unlimited Traffic, and a pre-installed WordPress (you don’t have to keep this if you don’t want to).

Shared Unlimited Hosting – This is an excellent choice that allows multiple websites, one domain, unlimited traffic, free WordPress, SSD storage just like the other plan, unlimited e-mail addresses, and of course all the perks that you would have being a non-profit organization (like the free account of course!).

Remixer All Access Plan – This is normally a higher price plan that gives you their Remixer All Access plan that can help you get your website built quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to have any experience with coding or even web design at all. You have access to a free Remixer panel and can choose options from hundreds of mobile-optimized themes that you can simply customize. These options are great for users who are just starting out and don’t have any experience with things such as WordPress, or just need a website in a hurry.

Are There Better Alternatives?

There are some alternatives, but when it comes to non-profit organizations, having the flexibility you can get with a DreamHost account that is completely free to y our organization is something that many sites simply don’t cater to. Therefore, it’s one of the more popular websites out there other than A2Hosting.com that is being used by most of the United States’ various non-profit organizations today. And it’s super easy to sign up. While you may pay for the initial setup fee, as soon as you get the paperwork, you will get your discount immediately, which is something that other website hosting companies seem to take their time doing (or they just aren’t optimized for non-profit).

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Conclusion: Ways Your Non-Profit Organization can Benefit from a Website

If you have just created a company, or you’re an older one that has been around for a long time still relying on paper and ink, then you may want to consider creating an online persona. There are many ways that organizations have been benefiting more and more since the dawn of the internet, and believe it or not, most people are donating right from their mobile devices or even their computers more often than they are answering and donating from telephone solicitations and more. You can use your DreamHost e-mail to even create proper solicitation and membership newsletters so you can get more donations for your organization, increase funding, and increase the amount of help your NPO will actually be able to do for your clients.

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