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Virtual Hiring: The 7 Dos and Don’ts of Online Recruiting for Business

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The online world has become a beacon of showcasing talent. It is a great avenue for recruiters to source talent.

Remote work continues to grow in popularity. But whether or not you conduct your business remotely, it is a great advantage for any business to consider online recruitment.

But how exactly do you go about online recruiting?

This is a relatively new endeavor. As a result, it can be very confusing on what to do to hire talent through the internet.

We’ve put together this quick guide to show you how it’s done.

The Do’s and Dont’s of Online Recruiting

The best talent can be found on the internet. You want to take the necessary steps to find and hire this talent.

Here’s what we advise:

1. You Should Have a Great Jobs Page

On your website, you should have a great jobs page. This page will advertise your job vacancies in great detail.

This page should not only provide the details and requirements but also should discuss what your company is about. This is where you can share information regarding your company’s vision, mission statement, and values.

You should highlight the benefits of working for your company. If possible, you should include testimonials from existing employees.

By selling what makes your company unique, you will be able to attract more talent.

2. You Should Use Social Media

Social media is not just about promoting your brand and what it sells. It can also be a great tool for finding talent.

The obvious choice is to use LinkedIn to post your job and to reach out to talented candidates directly. You can also use platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to advertise your job posts. On both of these platforms, you can interact with interested candidates. You can also create content that discusses what the job posting is about.

For example, you can create a graphic that gives quick information on the jobs available and the basic details about them (salary, requirements, responsibilities, etc.) as well as a video where the job details can be discussed in greater detail.

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3. You Should Network Online

As we alluded to in the previous tip, recruiters can find the best talent by networking online.

Your company’s recruiters should have a LinkedIn account with a fully set up profile. They should endeavor to make as many useful connections as possible. Your recruiter should find talented professionals on LinkedIn who have the qualifications needed for vacant jobs.

Your recruiter should send direct messages to these professionals and request that they apply for these jobs.

While all of the social media platforms have features to send direct messages, we recommend focusing on professional platforms such as LinkedIn to request a candidate to apply for a job.

4. Post on Job Boards

We recommend posting on online job boards to attract the best talent. We especially recommend posting on remote job boards. As we mentioned before, remote work is growing and you should consider allowing your clients to work remotely if possible. By removing the restriction of location, you will attract a larger pool of talent. You’ll be amazed at how many jobs can be done entirely remotely.

If you learn about the life sciences recruitment approach to virtual hiring, you’ll learn about the benefits of how to reach out to talent online and how to hire them.

Focus on remote job boards as well as job boards that are tailored for a specific job category.

5. Don’t Be Lazy with Interaction

One of the biggest complaints that today’s talent will have is the lack of interaction from recruiters after they apply for a job or reach out with questions. For online recruitment, this needs to change.

Much of your recruiter’s time has to be spent with answering emails, responding to direct messages, and reaching out to talent.

If you want to go the extra mile, you should suggest that your recruiter give out their Skype or another VoIP application username for potential candidates to reach out to them. They can use an application such as Zoom to create a weekly webinar or conference room where questions regarding the job vacancies can be addressed.

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Have your recruiter schedule at least one day per week to respond to interactions and make themselves available for communicating with talent.

6. Don’t Only Rely on Automation

Automation and Artificial Intelligence will continue to play a huge role in online recruiting. However, this doesn’t give your recruiter an excuse to let the machines do the work for them.

At the end of the day, your talent wants to speak directly to a human being. Make sure that your recruiter is willing to show their face. Your talent shouldn’t only be responding to a chatbot for applying.

You may want to have a combination of both. For example, Telegram has its job applicants fill out a job application and conduct a test by chatting with a bot through its messenger app. If your company has the technology, you may want to give this a try.

But when it comes to the job interview, it should be done with a human face. Whether it is done in person or through a VoIP application, your applicants need to speak to your recruiter directly. As we mentioned in the previous tip, if your talent has questions regarding the job vacancies, they should have an opportunity to speak to your recruiter directly.

7. Don’t Forget About Mobile

We all know that many people spend much of their day on their phones and other mobile devices.

Your job applications and job page should be optimized to be easily readable on a mobile device. It should be easy for an applicant to submit their application and contact your recruiter through their smartphone. They should not have to wait until they get home and access their computer to apply for a job or speak to the recruiter.

Speak to your web developer on how to optimize your content to become mobile-friendly.

Find Your Talent

Now that you know how to navigate through online recruiting, you are ready to find your talent. We wish you good luck in your search!

Be sure to train your recruitment team with all the latest technology and skills needed to find, interview, and hire talent online.

Be sure to read more great content on business and technology.

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