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How to Design Your Own Water Bottle Label

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How to Design Your Own Water Bottle Label

Having your own water bottle label is great for business promo but it can also just be for fun. If you want to have a label made up for a special event or occasion or if you’re launching a new product, it doesn’t have to be hard.

Even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, we are going to give you tips so you can create the perfect water bottle look. Continue reading this article and learn more.

Your Water Bottle Label Your Way

When you’re creating water bottle labels, there aren’t many hard and fast rules. Since there aren’t a lot of rules, we are going to give you some best practices and you can bend them as you see fit.

Determine Your End Goal

Before creating your water bottle, think about what your end goal is. Let’s say that you’re a business and you’re launching a new product. You want people to preorder your new product and you’re offering a 25% discount.

If you hold an event and you supply the water bottles, you could have labels on the bottles of water that say something like, “Use code XYZ when you preorder product ABC to get 25% off.”

The people at your event are getting free water and you’re getting the word out in the palm of their hands.

If your goal was only to increase brand awareness, you could have had your company’s name on the water bottles instead of the information about your preorder sale.

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Choose Colors that Match Your Brand or Personality

When you’re designing your water bottle label, choose colors that match your brand or personality. Depending on what your goal is with the water bottles one color might work better than another.

If you’re using them for personal use, maybe you have a large group of your family going on a hike. You want everyone to have the same water bottles with bright yellow labels so you won’t put the water bottle down and misplace it.

Choose Easy to Read Fonts

You’ve gone through the steps to come up with the strategy and idea for your water bottle label, so you want people to be able to read it. If you get too fancy with your fonts, it can be difficult to read from far away and even close up.

If you want to get fancy with the font, use the fancy font as a secondary font instead of trying to use it for the whole message on the label.

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