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5 Types of Customer Service Reports That Call Center Managers Need

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You can ensure the optimal performance of your call center operation by tracking and analyzing several key metrics. 

The customer experience is steadily overtaking both price and product quality as the most important way to differentiate your brand. Now, you must deliver a flawless customer experience and meet exceptional customer service standards. 

Today’s digitally-empowered consumer is in the driver’s seat. Read on to learn how you can provide professional customer service by monitoring several vital call center key performance indicators (KPIs). 

The Benefits of Customer Service Reports

You can increase customer loyalty dramatically by delivering an exceptional customer experience. KPIs will provide you with all the information that you need to monitor and assess the performance of your call center agents. Using call center software, you can find out how your organization is performing and take appropriate action. 

A customer service report enables you to gather and analyze invaluable information and insights about call-center engagements. By improving customer service, you will enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifecycle. 

You can test nearly every performance metric imaginable. However, some metrics will boost your ego, while others will deliver results. Click here to learn more about choosing call-center software. 

The following are five types of customer satisfaction reports that you need as a call center manager. 

  1. Average Response Time

Today, time comes at a premium. The biggest demand among modern consumers is fast service. The time that it takes your agents to return a customer call is one of the most important metrics that you can track. 

Despite this, many companies fall short in this area. The average response time to a consumer query is a little over 12 hours

Here is where you can excel and capture new business. By shortening response times dramatically, you can win the heart and purse strings of customers. 

If your agents take too long to respond to customer inquiries, there’s a problem with your process. For example, you can help agents respond to customer questions faster by providing them with templates to the most asked questions.

  1. Average Handle Time
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The average handle time is the total time it takes a call center agent to handle a customer request. Shortening this time is vital to delivering exceptional customer service. 

Customers do want a fast response. However, they want real solutions to their problems. 

This metric is beneficial in helping you find problems with your company’s workflow. By tracking and acting on this information, you can eventually reduce the time it takes to handle customer queries.

  1. Number of Requests

This KPI will help you identify trends in consumer behavior. It will help you to meet scheduling demands and support call center personnel. 

If, for example, you notice a high call volume on the weekends, you need to schedule more employees to cover those shifts. The number of requests KPI will also give you insights into how your existing customer base responds to marketing campaigns. 

With this information, you can deliver exceptional customer service consistently. You can gain a significant advantage here, as more than half of all organizations fail to respond to customer requests.

  1. Number of Request Closes per Agent

The number of requests closed per agent will tell you how many staff members return customer queries and provide the desired service. This metric will enable you to measure the productivity of each call center agent. 

For example, you may find that some agents answer twice as many requests as the rest of the team. This condition may indicate that other staff members are cherry-picking requests. What this means is that workers look for easy jobs and avoid the difficult ones. 

You can solve this by assigning requests to agents. This way, you can distribute work evenly. Alternatively, you can work with call-center agents to find out what’s slowing them down.

  1. Messages per Agent 
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No one wants to go back and forth with voicemail messages. Today, customers want their questions answered fast, and they want you to do it right the first time. 

You want your call center agents to ask the right questions so that they can give the correct answers. Also, they must do this during their first engagement. 

What you’re aiming for is called first contact resolution. This outcome is when you resolve a customer issue with your first response. Only a small percentage of companies manage to get this right. 

You Too Can Take Advantage of Customer Service Reports

Today, consumers are digitally-empowered, tech-savvy and more demanding than ever before. If you don’t meet consumer demands, they’ll buy from someone else. 

As a call center manager, your company relies on you to plan and manage the activities that will result in success. Begin by working to improve the response time of your call agents. Also, you want to prevent customers from having to call back repeatedly for information or service. 

You can encourage your call center personnel to improve their performance. For instance, you can offer regular rewards for improvements in various categories. 

Start Leveraging Professional Customer Service Reports Today

Now, businesses can measure nearly everything. Customer service analysis is the key to providing professional customer service. 

To survive and thrive, you must collect and analyze call-center customer service data to measure your organization’s performance. Only then can you ensure a high level of customer service. 

Data-driven reports and analytics will give you an advantage in a highly competitive marketplace. What’s more, they’ll enable you to deliver tangible long-term success. 

Today, technology drives business. It’s hard to stay in front of the constant changes in a technologically-driven world. 

Visit EasyWorkNet.com to learn the latest trends that will help your business survive and thrive now – and in the future.

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