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Love Earth and Business: 5 Tips for Creating an Eco-Friendly Business

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Eco-friendly, sustainability, going green…which is the term you prefer? Today, 88% of those attending business school believe that environmental and social issues need to be a priority in business.

This thinking leads many start-ups and first-time entrepreneurs to focus on ways to be environmentally-friendly, look for eco-friendly office ideas and to use and sell recycled products.

Do you want your business to make a lasting footprint that’s not on the earth? Check out these 5 tips to create a more eco-friendly business.

5 Tips for Creating an Eco-Friendly Business

A large percentage of Americans consider a company’s environmentally-friendly business practices when making purchases. How companies are going green is a question that savvy consumers ask themselves when planning to make a purchase. Here are some ways to be environmentally friendly when running your business.

1. Remote Employees

Almost 25% of Americans work from home at least part of the time. This growing trend has an impact on the environment. With fewer people commuting to and from work, pollution and wear and tear on your car decreases, not to mention no fuel is needed to get to and from employees’ home offices.

2. Alternative Energy Sources

Depending on where your business is located, you can sign up with your local utility provider for “green power”. Green power refers to alternative energy sources including wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric power.

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Some say there are disadvantages of hydroelectric energy and other alternative energy sources, so do your research to see what works best for you and the environment.

3. Conduct a Waste Review Audit

This might be one of the more expensive eco-friendly office ideas, but it will pay off in the long run on both your bottom line and your company’s impact on the environment.

How many pens are you going through per year, how much paper is being used or wasted, can you email instead of print much of time? These are questions you can address with a waste review audit.

Remind employees to be environmentally conscious and cut down on waste whenever possible. Encourage recycling as well. Use PCW (Post-Consumer Waste) paper as it is the only one made of 100% recycled paper.

4. Consider Transportation Needs of Employees

If you are starting out and looking for a location or planning to move your office, consider moving near public transportation.

A location close to a bus stop or subway entrance will encourage employees to use public transportation.

Another idea is to set up a carpool list for employees that live near each other or on the same route. Offer incentives to those who ride bikes or walk to work.

5. Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Products in the Office

Does the smell of chemicals almost knock you over after the cleaning service has been in the office? Not only are the chemicals in cleaners bad for the environment, but they’re not good for you either.

Find a cleaning company that uses non-toxic cleaning products or if you buy the products yourself, choose from one of the many brands out there.

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What Green Solutions Will You Adopt?

Now you’ve learned all about eco-friendly business solutions. Which ones will work for you? We can help you with many other facets of your business from accounting to marketing. Visit us today for more helpful information.

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