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Corporate Gift Challenges: Why Its Vital To Think Outside The Box!

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Corporate Gift Challenges: Why Its Vital To Think Outside The Box!

There are a lot of responsibilities business owners and people in management positions have to face everyday.

One of them is maintaining employee morale, engagement, and loyalty. It’s also crucial to maintain professional connections and existing clients. There are various ways to do this but a popular and effective option is to hand out corporate gifts. However, this task doesn’t come without its challenges.

The first task is to determine if companies like Fancy Inc. are the best choice for you. But it’s only part of the battle. You’ll also want to consider how to make these gifts personal and useful.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to make sure the gift you choose seem well thought-out and personal.

Avoid Inessential Items

Hats, pens, mugs, and other items that exist just to advertise your company’s logo are a bad idea for corporate gifts. They do remind people of the company when they’re used but it’s often preferred to choose a gift that ties back into the company. These cookie cutter items are typical to give employees but they don’t come off as personal or special. This scenario misses the point of sending a gift.

At best, these items will be forgotten in corporate break rooms or desk drawers. At worst, they end up being donated to Goodwill during a round of spring cleaning. It’s better to opt for something employees will appreciate and use. When it comes to gifting a client, items like this might be viewed as underwhelming or more like an afterthought than a token of appreciation.

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Give the Gift in Person

Corporate Gift Challenges: Why Its Vital To Think Outside The Box!

This tip may seem like it’s just adding more work to the process, but it’s a step that you should take. Sending the gift through the mail or by a proxy will seem impersonal to the receiver.

If you take the time to hand-deliver the gift yourself instead, this displays a huge gesture to the recipient. Even if the gift itself didn’t hit the bullseye, the act of hand delivering it will create a positive impression with the recipient. It also goes a long way in making an employee feel like they’re a valued member of a team rather than a faceless gear in the machine.

Go For Quality

While saving money is a crucial practice for any business, you have to be careful where you’re cutting costs. If you choose the cheapest corporate gift you can find, it may not necessarily be the best choice. You should take the time to weigh up the quality against the price before making any final decisions.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to choose the most expensive option for a corporate gift either. Giving a gift that is too expensive can also give a bad impression. You don’t want to give the impression that you’re trying to show off or being insincere with your gift. An extravagant item can give the impression that you’re trying to buy an investor or deal rather than earn it.


Be Creative

Corporate Gift Challenges: Why Its Vital To Think Outside The Box!

There’s a fairly standard set of corporate gift ideas and this is a good place to start. Yet, this doesn’t necessarily mean business leaders have to stick to the status quo. It can put a great foot forward to put a new or creative spin on the standard. This is another way to make the employees or clients you’re working with feel like an individual rather than just another step along the way.

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A standard fruit basket, for example, could become a fun basket filled with interesting treats that are only found in your region. This would provide the recipient with a recognizable gift that also has an individual spin which reminds them of your company.

The stress of an important deal can be made so much easier when you add in corporate gift giving. With these tips, you can improve your corporate gift-giving strategy by thinking outside the box to impress the potential partners or investors with whom you’d like to work.

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