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How to control PCB manufacturing cost breakdown

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How to control PCB manufacturing cost breakdown

With the advancement in technology, the demand for PCB also has been raised to a great extent. It needs a lot of efforts and process to go through to develop a full functioning PCB assembly. You need to spend a lot of resources, person-hours, and steps to complete it entirely. Leading out from each single tiniest detail, you have to take care of every component of a PCB so that to avoid the chance of having an effort. As per https://www.raypcb.com/, only one mislead can fail the entire result.

While proceeding further with the project you need to keep every single detail and its contribution towards the cost as well, controlling PCB manufacturing cost breakdown means that you need to take care of various aspects such as the size of the board, the thickness of material, their power and much more. Here we are providing you some significant factors that can help you in controlling PCB manufacturing cost breakdown.

Keep a check on the size of the board:

For information, it is important for you to know about Quality of PCB assembly and its cost both depends upon the size of the board. You have to put on more materials, and resources to work on bigger board, so if the project on which you are not so much complicated, you can merely try with the one with shorter size.

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Consider the number of layers:

The cost of PCB assembly goes on rising with the rise in the name of layers being present in it. Multiple layered PCBs usually require more resources and material to get completed. These are more complicated with the other ones and hence show the difference in the price as well.

Reduce holes and sizes:

Holes in the PCB are a part of the alignment process. These are a general source of providing electrical connections between the different layers and components. Smaller holes are generally created with the help of laser drilling and hence put some extra burden in the budget.

Get your project was done on time:

Time is money, and surely we all agree with it. Calculating the exact lead time and complete the related project as per that is very much necessary to reduce the cost. More will be the complexity of your PCB designing, more will it take time to complete it, which result in a rise in price.

Quality of the material used:

Quality of the materials being used in the formation of PCB assembly puts a positive impact on its cost as well.

Keep an eye on the thickness:

The thickness of the material being used in the PCB assembly adds up some more into the cost as the amount of material needed. PCB generally requires copper to accomplish the connections. The amount of copper is being measured in terms of Oz. Higher will be the amount of oz, more will reduce the amount of copper will you need into your project and hence will ultimately raise the cost as well.

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Standard of the board:

Standard of the board is another one of the primary reason behind PCB manufacturing cost breakdown. Higher will be the grading of the board, more will be its cost.

Soldermask color:

You might have seen most of the PCB boards green in color. Have you ever thought why all of those are green? Surely not yet. Green is the standard solder mask color. Smaller changes even from the standard color options can lead towards the larger price increase as well.

How the surface finishing is:

Surface finishing is one of the significant factors that we usually look forward while purchasing a PCB for our project. Surface finishing of PCB assembly is generally being done in different forms. You can easily find out from gold to hot air solder finish, as per your requirement and the budget of your project.

Some boards:

The number of boards you are using in your PCB assembly is one of another significant factor behind PCB manufacturing cost breakdown. More will be the name of boards being used in the PCB assembly, higher will be the price it will have. While purchasing one for your project doesn’t forget to look forward towards your requirements and budget.

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