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Celebrities that are in love with Bitcoin!

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Celebrities that are in love with Bitcoin!

Well, it is not a hidden fact that Bitcoin is so famous. It is the first choice of not just traders but now even Hollywood celebrities are eyeing this valuable cryptocurrency. According to our survey, there are a whopping 32 Million wallets of Bitcoin in this world. This figure is enough to prove the popularity of Bitcoin. 

If you assume that only traders and developers are crazy about and are curious to do trade and become millionaires, then you are highly mistaken. Some of the very famous Hollywood celebrities like Mel B, Ashton Kutcherand Mike Tyson are some of the celebrities that have seen huge possibilities in Bitcoin and are taking necessary steps in order to invest in Bitcoin and earn a huge fortune out of it.

  • Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is a famous Hollywood actor that has worked in a number of hit movies. However, apart from being a skilled actor, he is an equally smart businessman. He actively invests in startups. For those who don’t know, Ashton Kutcher is the co-Founder of A-Grade, a company that has invested in many successful startups like Uber, Spotify, Airbnb, Soundcloud, etc. 

Such a smart investor, that Ashton Kutcher is, he could not stop himself from investing in BitPay, the Bitcoin platform that offers payment processing services to entrepreneurs that run Bitcoin-friendly companies.

According to Ashton Kutcher the biggest advantage of Bitcoin is that it is a decentralized currency and the technology of Bitcoin does not have any limits.

  • Mel B

Who says that women can’t be a beauty with brains? Mel B is the first Hollywood singer to have allowed her fans to purchase her albums with Bitcoin in 2014. Her move was In fact a great inspiration for many of her colleagues out there and soon after this step of hers; the other singers followed her and did the same. It will not be wrong to say the Mel B recognized the value of Bitcoin and understood that it was a good business opportunity.

The singer said in one of her interviews that Bitcoin united all her fans from different parts of the world as all of them were able to use the same currency.

  • Nas
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For those who recognize Nas only as a rapper and hip-hop artist, let me break your bubbles. Nas is an active Bitcoin trader who invested 25 Million dollars altogether in coinbase, which is one of the most famous crypto-exchange websites. No doubt, it was one of the smartest decisions of Nes. You will be amazed to know that after that he backed around 500 startups and that is not all. In the future, he wants to keep his association with Bitcoin intact. Nas has confessed many a time that Bitcoin is the future.

If you too want to make a big fortune in Bitcoin just like these celebrities, then login to https://bitcoin-optimizer.com/, today and start investing!

  • Mike Tyson 

Mike Tyson is a name that does not need any introduction. Having that said, this mind-blowing heavy-weight champion is too has his share of love story with Bitcoin. Yes, you heard it right! Proving his love for Bitcoin, Tyson first got “Mike Tyson ATM’s” installed which guaranteed exchange of coins in just 20 seconds. The very first ATM was installed in LINQ Hotel & Casino located in Las Vegas.

Tyson did not stop here; soon afterward he became a partner with Bitcoin Direct, a firm that made digital Bitcoin wallet for mobile users. The logo of this Mobile wallet company is going to be inspired by the face tattoo of Mike Tyson.

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