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How To Buy Solo Ads That Convert To Permanent Audience

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After Facebook, solo ads are the fastest traffic generating campaigns. If you are a digital marketer, then it’s very necessary for you to build an email list using solo ads that convert into massive sales and hits. It will prove to be the most valuable asset for your growing business.

It is a very common agreement that each email is worth 1$. You can either purchase them from a solo ads provider or can gather them from any alternate traffic generation source. It will not bother you for long.

I must mention that you should follow everything that is needed to build a great email list. And try doing it as fast as you can do. Solo ads are the best and most effective ways to generate leads.

If you do the process of purchasing solo ads correctly, then it will give you very good results in return. This is exceptionally good for affiliate marketers and the people who have started a new business. However, despite being so useful, they are still very much underrated.

Therefore, this guide will walk through the best strategy for lead generation and will mention how does it work, and how to use it to generate loads of leads.

Let us begin:

What are these ads and how to buy them?

What are these ads and how to buy them?

These kinds of ads are economically very efficient to convey your affiliate product to a large audience. They are good for making a comprehensive email list too.

The main concept of purchasing a solo ad campaign is to make use of other’s resources in your promotion. They have a nice list of subscribers that they are willing to rent to you.

Therefore, for a very low price, you can ask them to promote your affiliate link to their subscribers. Also, you may ask him to mention your landing page so that when people click on that page, you will get them added in your list.

What is the cost of such ads?

What is the cost of such ads?

The reason people purchase these ads is because they are cheap. On the other hand, you will be paying for the results and not the job. Therefore, you are not risking your money.

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Here is a list of payment per services than you can choose while taking these ads:

  • Pay per click
  • Pay per open
  • Pay per conversion

The most popular variant among them all is the pay per click option. In this, you just pay a fixed price for each person that clicks on your link, mentioned in the email and visits your page.

The reason of this being popular is because this gives out the maximum benefit to the marketer. Pay per open is not a good option because the advertiser can use a catchy subject and force the user to open the email, but that will degrade your name in the business and will not provide you with any clicks or sales.

At last, pay per conversion is the worst kind of deal for the advertiser. Because, with PPC, the advertiser can make money only when someone actually engages with your landing p[age, such as purchase the product. Therefore, most of the campaigners hesitate to provide such deals.

PPC comes in between these two. With that you can be assured of the traffic on your link and also you will hold the responsibility of getting people engaged in your funnel in a legit way.

The cost of such services may differ from provider to provider. But you can expect it in a range of $0.30 to $1 per click. Take a note that, the higher the PPC cost, better the service.

Where to buy them?

What is the cost of such ads?

Before getting started with solo ads, you have to consider a few things. You have to be confident about the conversion of landing page. Make sure its high converting.

Also, it is not necessary to send the traffic to your landing page only. But most of the businesses and marketers consider doing this since if seen from a logical aspect, it makes complete sense. Just think about it, if you send your product link to someone else’s audience, it will not work well but if you send it to your audience it will work well.

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The reason for this is because nobody trusts a new person with a new business. If they do not interact, then consider that you lost a customer because you did not collected the email address of that visitor.

Therefore, sending the link of a landing page is much better than sharing the offer itself. With a landing page, a visitor is left with two options to choose from- opt-in or leave the site.

How to write best ad-copy

How to write best ad-copy

The next big thing to consider is the writing of a compelling copy of ad. Obviously the user will first read the email so it must be your first priority.

There are providers who are willing to write an ad copy on your behalf but it is not a good idea to opt for the same. Since the list is made by them, so they know the audience better than you and can mislead them by forcing them to click but not opt-in for the offer itself.

Because, the main goal is to not only get flooded with hits on your emails but to get them engaged with your landing page.

Therefore, it is a good choice to spend some time to come up with the best ad-copy. This will make sure that the people who open the mail are interested in your product or service and not just the manipulated audience.

The last thing that you should know is that before giving your ad copy to the campaigner, you need to embed a tracking link so that you can track down the performance of the email. For this, you can use any url-shortener.


There is a lot of success with solo ads that convert to sales if it is done in the correct way. There are lots of things involved in running a successful solo ads campaign. This post has discussed all of them and you can refer to this post any time before buying a solo ad campaign.

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