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Brochure Design Inspiration for Your Next Marketing Campaign

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Even in the digital age, a well-designed brochure can elevate your brand and connect with your customer. Whether you are looking for a tri-fold brochure design or a broad range of brochure design ideas, this article will give you the brochure design inspiration you need.

A printed brochure has a longer “shelf life” than digital marketing tools. Studies suggest that printed materials are also more trusted by customers than digital tactics. Let’s look at where you can find the inspiration you need to create a winning brochure.

1. Think Outside the Tri-Fold

Tri-fold brochures are a traditional choice that can be very effective. However, if all of your competitors are using this format, it might be time to explore new options.

Modern brochure design uses oversized dimensions, die-cut covers, and unexpected shapes. Even a different approach, like a gate-fold, can be an effective alternative to the traditional tri-fold brochure.

2. Find Brochure Design Inspiration From Others

Many designers share their favorite designs with online portfolios to help inspire others.

Take advantage of what others have learned by exploring their work. You never know when a design may inspire you to do something new and different.

3. Work With an Experienced Graphic Designer

If designing a brochure isn’t in your wheelhouse, consider working with an outside designer.

When interviewing candidates, asked to see examples of their work—specifically brochure design. Look for a designer who has experience in a wide range of industries, so they bring lots of ideas to your project.

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4. Think About How You’ll Print the Brochure

One of the best ways to create a brochure that captures attention is by using printing services specializing in promotional materials. The right printer can help you select the right type of paper, provide design assistance, and advise on how to create effective marketing materials.

An experienced brochure printer can also help you choose finishes and special brochure cover designs to make your materials stand out.

5. Consider What You Don’t Like

Some of the best design ideas come out of avoiding mistakes. You probably receive dozens of brochures and other sales materials every year. Think about the ones that didn’t persuade you to buy.

If you know what you don’t like, it’s easier to help a designer create something you will love. Sometimes designing a brochure requires some trial and error. Be patient with the process, and you will end up with something that will make you proud.

Be Inspired

Brochure design inspiration can come from many sources. You might find the perfect style while browsing an online design portfolio. Exploring different shapes and sizes of brochures may help you uncover an unexpected surprise.

The key to finding design inspiration is to be open-minded, curious, and ready to try new things.

For more marketing inspiration, explore the rest of our site. We have tons of articles and ideas to help you create the perfect campaign for your business.

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