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Bragging Rights: The Benefits of Promotional Buttons for Your Business

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What can a button do for you?

Glad you asked. Promotional buttons have been used for decades by businesses to spread the word about their products and services. Nothing draws a person’s attention quite like a well-designed button.

We know what you’re thinking. Aren’t buttons a bit outdated as a promotional tool, what with the internet and social media and all?

While it’s true that buttons aren’t getting the attention that they used to, that doesn’t make them any less valuable to your business. In this post, we’re going to talk about the numerous benefits that promotional buttons can bring to your advertising game and how you can incorporate them effectively.

After you read this, you’re going to wonder why you haven’t been handing out buttons this whole time. Get ready to get your button guy on the phone to make your first order. Let’s talk buttons.

Why Promotional Buttons?

Buttons have been an important part of advertising since the 19th century, really. Political candidates saw the value in plastering their names on every person’s chest dating back to the mid 19th century. Presidential pins were a great way to commiserate with your fellow party members about the politics of the day.

In a way, promotional buttons stem from presidential pins. You wear the button on your shirt, jacket, or ballcap to show your support for a business, the products they make, or the way they do business. They’re nicknamed “walking billboards” and they’re much, much cheaper to make than real billboards.

At the end of the day, people still enjoy tangible promotional items. Buttons are a low-cost, high-ROI way to spread the word about your company.

The Benefits of Promotional Buttons

Buttons pay off, simply put. But, one of the more appealing things about making buttons is that you can make hundreds of them for a fraction of the price of hiring a digital marketing firm or a social media specialist.

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They’re a great way to build your brand and spread the word about your business throughout your community. You can give them out for free because they cost so little and you can create new designs for different promotions that you come up with.

If your business attends trade shows fairly often, they also make a great giveaway item for your booth. This also makes your buttons the perfect networking tool at events like these.

People are constantly moving around from booth to booth at these kinds of things, exchanging cards and whatnot, so why not have people wear your business on their sleeve? What better way to start an organic conversation between like-minded people?

To price out quantities, work on a design, and get your custom buttons made, order here.

Ways to Incorporate Promotional Buttons

Once you’ve decided to make some buttons, you need to figure out how to incorporate them in various ways to promote your business. A little brainstorming with your marketing team should yield some creative and interesting results, but we’ll get you started with some of our ideas.

Give Em Away or Sell Them

As we said earlier, the beauty of promotional buttons is that they’re super cheap to make, so you could theoretically just give them away willy-nilly. It’s a great way to get people on board with your product and your business as a whole.

People love getting free stuff, but you should have some tact when you’re giving them out. Put your social media handles or your website name on the button’s artwork so that people can find you once they’ve got the button.

Send Buttons With Your Products

A nice way to reward your loyal customers is to send out your buttons with orders. If you manufacture a product and mail online orders, then shove a button in with whatever you’re sending.

It’ll be an incentive to make that customer a return one and maybe spread the word about your generosity to their friends. Also, they won’t add anything to the shipping costs because they’re so light.

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Use Them Instead of Business Cards

Even if your business is a strictly brick and mortar establishment, you can still find ways to give out promotional buttons to your current and prospective customers. You could make different ones with contact details of the various members of your sales team, then hand them out like business cards.

Your customers will probably appreciate the innovation and, who knows, they might give a few of your fun “business cards” out to other prospective customers.

Promote New Products

Whenever you have a new product launch, you could make a new set of promo buttons to mail out or hand out. Instead of sending out junk mail or incessantly emailing your business’ contact list, send the buttons out in the mail.

It’s a nice change from regular marketing tactics and people are less likely to throw out a button than a piece of cardboard. They’re are a great way to spread awareness around products and garner excitement for your brand.

Use Buttons In Contests and Giveaways

You don’t have to just give away your buttons if you don’t want to. You could reserve them for online contests and include them in giveaways. Again, you could do this to build a campaign around a new product launch or a sale.

Or, you could just do it to drum up some business when things are slow. There are no rules here.

Start Creating Your Button Art Now

What better time than now to start coming up with creative art ideas for your promotional buttons. You can order buttons of all shapes and sizes, so you won’t necessarily have any restrictions. The only thing holding your business back is your own imagination.

Get together with your marketing team today and figure out how you can use buttons to promote your company in an affordable and effective way.

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