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9 Simple Packaging Tips to Remember When Sending Out Business Product

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9 Simple Packaging Tips to Remember When Sending Out Business Product

If you sell products or run a business where shipping is involved, your packaging can make a huge impact on customers’ opinions.

Whether you’re new to the packaging game or you’ve been at it for years, there are several important things to remember to ensure that your business products are leaving people with a positive impression.

Read on to discover nine simple packaging tips that can help streamline your process and give your business a boost.

1. Know Your Market and Package Accordingly

Whether you cater to millennials or young moms, your packaging should reflect your target market. Use your current demographics as inspiration to create packaging that will entice your customer base while bringing in new ones.

This can be anything from colorful graphics to slogans that really speak to your market in order to help you get bigger sales. Whatever you add to the packaging should stay on-brand and keep your target market in mind at all times.

2. Be Environmentally Responsible

It’s not only wise to choose eco-friendly products for the good of the earth, but it’s also a great way to impress your customers. Choose recycled products like cardboard, glass, or paper to package your business products so your company leaves a lighter, smaller environmental footprint behind.

Encourage your customers to recycle the packaging when they’re done with it, too. You can use this opportunity to let everyone know that your company is environmentally responsible, which is a great way to get new customers.

3. Use the Packaging as a Marketing Tool

Make sure you’re using every available inch of your packaging to market to your customers and prospective customers. Imprint your slogan, add catchy phrases, or include information about your company’s social media accounts on every package.

When you use the packaging to your advantage this way, you’re also getting a lot more bang for your buck. Make sure you also include the company’s website, phone number, or other means of contact as well so people know your business is easily accessible.

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4. It’s Your Time to Shine

Whatever you select to package your business product in, it should be something that helps you stand out from the competition. Whether it’s colorful patterns or unique graphics, the packaging should always be eye-catching and memorable.

Come up with unique shapes to package your goods as well in order to draw peoples’ attention and convince them to purchase your products. Unusual packaging leaves a lasting impression on customers and gives you a chance to put more focus on your brand.

5. Simple Packaging Must Also be Functional

While your product packaging is meant to entice buyers, it should also serve a purpose and be easy to use. Make sure your packaging is sturdy yet easy for the average consumer to open and get into.

The functionality of your packaging will make it more customer-friendly and encourage people to buy more since many customers appreciate the combination of function and style. If you sell items that need to be refrigerated, make it easy for customers to stash their food in the fridge without getting flustered.

6. Explain the Contents

People want to know what they’re buying within seconds of looking at a product. If your packaging fails to explain what it is you’re offering, customers may move on to the next thing they see.

Ensure that your packaging includes information about what’s inside as well as materials, ingredients, and facts about the item. If the packaging holds more than one item inside, make sure you include the quantity somewhere that’s easy for customers to see.

7. Create a Beautiful Presentation

For businesses that sell high-end goods or luxury products, the packaging needs to be a cut above average. These business products should be presented beautifully and include attractive, protective packaging that exudes a more luxurious aesthetic. A process called overwrapping creates a gorgeous gift-wrapped look, and you can learn more about the process here.

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8. Your Packaging Should be Cost-Effective

Of course, you want your product packaging to be attractive, functional, and informative. But sometimes, it could end up costing you so much that you’re forced to pass the high price on to your customers.

Expensive packaging can backfire if you’re not careful, so make sure you’re getting yours at a great price and one that’s in line with your overall budget. The more products you produce, the lower your packaging costs should be.

9. Blend Beauty with Ergonomics

Your packaging should be impressive and enticing, but it should also be easy to open and close. It can be tough to make sure that your products look great while also making them easy to use.

Consider the ergonomics of every box, bag, or other types of containers you sell and make sure it’s simple enough for people to get into without becoming frustrated. You run the risk of losing customers if they become easily frustrated with your packaging, so always keep that in the back of your mind.

Packaging Done Right

If you follow these simple packaging tips, your products should sell quickly and without any problems. Use your packaging design to your advantage and remember to include branding, logos, and social media information.

Any style of packaging can enhance your business product and encourage customers to buy them again and again. With a little imagination and creativity, your quest for the perfect product packaging should be well within your reach.

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