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9 Interesting Jobs of the Future

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9 Interesting Jobs of the Future

According to a report compiled by the McKinsey Global Institute up to 30% of all jobs in the US will have disappeared by 2030. This looming evaporation of jobs has many of us gripped in fear that we will be outperformed, outworked and eliminated from the job market by machine learning and AI. Therefore, looking into the opportunities in Machine Learning domain, every beginner should go through this machine learning online course.

In other words, the future is automated and the big question is whether there will be anything left for us to do. Fortunately, although routine tasks are to be scooped up by the bots, there is still a lot left for us humans.

And what’s more, some of the work of the future is made up of such interesting jobs, that we might well look back and laugh at our fears of the twenty-tens and twenties.

Wanna find out what some of these new-age careers and roles are predicted to be? Simply read on.

Urban Farmer

With populations continuing to rise, and space at a premium, one of the top jobs for the future is thought by some to be in the urban farming segment.

Urban farming is already a thing. But with the demand for cultivation space predicted to increase, it is likely that the future will see large scale urban farming operations becoming widespread.

So if you ever dreamed of becoming a farmer, but are loathe to leave the city—your dream job might be in the pipeline.

Cannabis Dispensary Professional

There is already rising demand for knowledgeable staff for cannabis dispensaries. The high demand for recreational and medical cannabis products means that the industry is on the hunt for knowledgeable people to man dispensaries.

Cannabis has a myriad of potential uses. But the prohibition of cannabis products has resulted in a knowledge gap. Because of this dispensary staff need to learn fast how to responsibly dispense cannabis strains and products to patients.

If working in a cannabis dispensary sounds like your dream job, you can consider qualifying in the field. This will give yourself an edge over other applicants. To get started, check out this helpful training course.

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Alternative Energy Consultant

With the alarming risks of fossil-fueled energy, the future is likely to see a large rise in renewable energy operations.

Maximizing the efficiency of alternative energy systems is no easy task. This is why it is likely that alternative energy consultants will be in high demand.

Privacy Specialist

As interconnectivity rises to all-time new highs (and promises to continue to grow exponentially) data privacy has become a priority. But, not all of us have the time or the know-how to wrap our heads around how to keep our online privacy 100% watertight.

According to a report by Dashlane, the average person in the US has 130 online accounts. That equates to a lot of personal data lying around, and to a lot of potential privacy breaches.

Our usage of online accounts is predicted to only but grow. This means that at some point the services of privacy specialists that can help us protect our data will become highly valuable.

Internet of Things Handyman

With homes now also entering the race to supreme interconnectedness, the future might see the IoT (Internet of Things) handyman being in just as much demand as the plumber.

With the convergence of IOT and things like Amazon’s Alexa, at some point soon, many homes might be largely tech managed. This number is likely to increase as time goes by.

As you can imagine, if your refrigerator talks to your Amazon shopping cart and your smartwatch tells the central heating what temperature your body needs… A minor glitch could have Amazon delivering 100 cartons of milk, and the central heating thinking that you like sub-zero temps.

If things like this were to happen, who would you call? An IOT handyman of course, and quick!

Data Waste Management Specialist

As the internet grows and grows, it takes an increasing amount of servers to keep up with the storage of info. Each one of us contributes to this storage load, and over the span of a lifetime all the emails that we have sent, all the DMs we have received, etc, add up.

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To minimize the storage needed for all this, some people are predicting that in the future we will use data waste management specialists to assist people and companies in the disposal of irrelevant data.

Cyber Calamity Forecaster

As we need volcanologists to predict volcano eruptions, with the internet now playing a crucial role in so many aspects of life and business, it is predicted that within the next five years we will be in need of cyber calamity forecasters whose job it will be to foresee potential security breaches.

Along with calamity forecasters, there is also said to come a contingent of cyber-attack agents. These agents will have the job of attacking potential cyber threats before they have a chance to strike.

Genetic Diversity Officer

According to the Cognizant Jobs of the Future (CJOF) Index—one of the tools that can be used to predict jobs of the future—it is likely that companies will start to employ genetic diversity officers.

Genetic diversity officers will be in charge of integrating a workforce made up of a portion of people who have been genetically enhanced (either during gestation or later on in life!), and a portion who have not.

We are not sure whether this job is creepy or cool.

CTF (Chief Trust Officer)

As the world is moving towards a wider spread adoption of privacy-centric digital currencies, companies will have fewer ways of showing that they are acting ethically through their monetary transactions.

To gain the trust of the public and other businesses, companies are being predicted to need personnel well versed in blockchain currencies and traditional finances, with exceptional communication skills, to be able to convey clearly how companies are staying accountable.

Would You Want Any of These Interesting Jobs?

Most of us would rather have interesting jobs than have to do soul siphoning work like data entry and call center tasks. And it seems that there are some very interesting careers germinating over the horizon. This makes the future look pretty bright from the job market perspective!

Are there any of these jobs that you would be interested in? Or maybe you foresee some more jobs that should be on this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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