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5 Ways Automation in Shipping Will Save Your Business Time and Money

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If your business ships products, parts, or materials, you could spend more time (and money) processing orders than you should. Companies who haven’t yet capitalized on shipping automation could be losing money without realizing it!

Many small businesses start by picking and packing items, then preparing shipping labels by hand. In the early stages of building your customer base, this way of shipping was probably the right fit for your business. However, as you grow the volume of daily orders, you’ll soon become overwhelmed with the manual process of packaging and shipping your orders.

Ready to grow (and improve your shipping process)? Here are five ways automation in shipping can help your business!

1. Reduce Employee Labor Costs

Transforming your shipping process into an automated system reduces your costs for employee labor. An automated system can replace several employees tasked with pulling orders, boxing, sealing packages, and printing and affixing labels.

When growing a company, owners can repurpose those cost savings into product innovation or staffing roles that can help increase sales.

2. Improve Efficiency

Integrating tasks through software and technology helps your shipping process move more quickly. You’ll be able to process more orders throughout the day to meet customer demands.

When your software connects to your delivery services, it’s a seamless process to prepare orders. Using options like FedEx integration keeps your delivery process running smoothly.

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3. Better Accuracy

Sometimes human error leads to too many shipping mistakes. When customers receive the wrong orders or broken items, you lose business!

An automated system improves the accuracy of your picking, packing, and shipping process. Reduce the risk of errors when you program your system with parameters to recognize an inaccurate order by weight. When an order is incorrect, the system alerts y your quality control to fix the issue before shipping.

4. Lower Shipping Costs

Integrated systems often come with discounted shipping charges. Increasing efficiency on your end also helps your delivery services improve their operational efficiencies. Partnering with FedEx shipping or UPS to package shipments and print labels means they don’t have to do it!

You’ll also avoid overpaying for shipping when using an automated system. The software and technology accurately weigh packages to help you save money!

5. More Satisfied Customers

Few things frustrate customers more than when they order something and receive the wrong thing or a broken item. Receiving the right products right away makes customers happy! When you offer fast, efficient, and accurate shipping options, your customers will continue to support your business.

As your excellent reputation grows, you’ll also generate more customers. With most ship automation systems, you can continue to customize the system as your shipping needs change to meet the demand of your growing customer base!

Your Company Needs Automation In Shipping

Are you (and your customers) frustrated with your shipping process? It’s time for automation in shipping! The right shipping system meets your needs now and grows with you as your business grows.

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