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5 Retail Store Marketing Strategies That Need to Be in Your 2020 Business Plan

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5 Retail Store Marketing Strategies That Need to Be in Your 2020 Business Plan

Are you more likely to order online or go out to a brick-and-mortar retail store? Would you believe that 85% of shoppers say they would rather shop at the physical store location than online?

Using that information, what should your retailer marketing strategy be? Marketing for retail stores has to be creative to reach potential customers ahead of the competition.

What is your retail brand strategy? What fresh retail market strategies are you planning to include in your business plan? Stick around to find out the retail store marketing tips that are a must for your retail strategy.

Retail Store Marketing Strategies For The Win

No business can stay in business without customers.” Remember this as you create your retail store marketing plan. The main goal: acquire new customers! Let’s look at the best strategies for bringing new people into your store.

1. Create a Loyalty Program or a Referral Program

Earning points for purchases, a birthday discount, or a gift card for referring a friend can lure people into your store and keep them coming back.

Customers appreciate a brand that not only offers things to new customers but also rewards those who stay loyal to the store.

Customers will keep coming back when they anticipate a reward after spending a certain amount of money. They’ll come in on their birthdays to buy something just to use their discount. And they’ll be sure to refer people when an incentive is attached.

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2. Use Social Media Influencers

Influencers are all the rage right now. People who have many followers can do wonders for your brand. Influencers have loyal followers who trust them, admire them and often want to be them.

An influencer using or wearing what you are selling will bring new customers into your store. These people are “celebrities” of social media.

3. Employ Geofencing Strategies

You see those ads popping up on any number of apps that you use. How do they get there? Companies are employing something called geofencing.

A virtual fence is drawn around an area. Once a person enters the area, they become part of an audience who receive ads on social media feeds or on other apps.

You can find out more about geofencing here.

4. Give Customers a Reason to Come in the Store

Hold special events. Have items that are exclusive to your store and only available in-store. Offer online coupons that can only be used in the store.

5. Make Community Connections

Partner with local groups by offering a percentage of sales on a certain day to their group. Feature products made by local artists. Sponsor a local sports team. Embrace your community and give back. Those in the community will, in turn, support your business.

What’s the Best Way to Acquire Newbies to Your Brand?

Now that you’ve learned some tips on retail store marketing, which ones will you try? The key is to analyze the results of each strategy to determine which ones are working and which are not. Check out the rest of our blog for other business tips and advice.

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