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11Wickets.com: The Ultimate Fantasy Sports Destination in India

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Fantasy Sports Destination in India

What is 11Wickets?

Fantasy Cricket is actually an online sport that allows gamers to create a fantasy team of cricket players or football players who are taking part in any tournament or league. In India now fantasy sports becoming more and more popular day by day. Over  9cr Indians are playing fantasy cricket online every day, and the number is increasing

In this scenario India’s fasted growing fantasy site 11wickets introduced famous Bollywood actress Sunny Leone as Brand Ambassador. Sunny says that she is glad to become the brand ambassador of 11Wickets, And she is also learning to play fantasy sports by using 11Wickets online platform.

11Wickets.com is developed by Kolkata based game development company Ability Games Pvt. Ltd. Navneet Makharia, a game entrepreneur and CEO of 11Wickets.com says, the main aim of 11Wickets is to make the fantasy sports more popular in India.

11Wickets is the fasted growing fantasy sports site in India, which offers fantasy sports game of skill like fantasy cricket & football to an exponentially growing user base of over million gamers.


How to register at 11Wickets?

Now You can also download the Android APP of 11Wickets from the website. It’s so easy to register at 11Wickets.com, go to 11wickets registration page and filed your information, or you can connect with your Facebook & Gmail accounts. After an email verification, you need to put your mobile number to verify your number by OTP. Now you all set, just upload your PAN card details. And go for the game.

11Wickets using your sports knowledge and skill. You can select your own team made up of real match players for Cricket, Football. Create your team within a maximum budget of 100 credits points. Your team earns points based on your selected players’ real-time performance in the matches. It’s time to show your skill

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Follow these 4 easy steps to get started:

  • Select A Match:
  • Create Your Team:
    Use your sports knowledge and show your skills to create your 11Wickets fantasy team within a budget of 100 credits
  • Join a Contest:
    Join any 11Wickets free or cash contest to win cash.
  • Withdraw your Winnings:
  1. You can Instantly withdraw your winnings from your 11Wickets account by “Instant Withdraw
  2. You can make as many changes to your 11Wickets teams as you like until the deadline of that match!

Now it is the time to produce your own staff, you have to create your team by choosing 11 players from both groups playing 22. The principles of Creating fantasy cricket team are the following:

WK: Just One [1]

Batsman: Three to Five [3-5]

All-Rounder: One to Three [1-3]

Bowler: Three to Five[3-5]

You have to select one Captain(C) and one Vice-Captain(VC) from your selected fantasy11.

Know the terms used in Fantasy Cricket Point System

Cricket is the most admired sport in the entire world, let alone the admiration it has in India. Similar is the admiration for fantasy sports.

To earn high points in the online fantasy cricket sports the cricket fans need to know and understand the term based on which points are earned.  11Wickets shares some of the terms essential to know:

Run Scored – A run scored by the batsmen physically running between the wickets. The more runs scored by the batsman, the more points earned by fantasy cricket players.

Scoring a Duck – When a batsman gets out without scoring a run or in a nought (zero) is termed as duck. Duck brings negative points to the fantasy cricket players.

Boundary Hit – The perimeter of the ground, crossing or touching which a four can be scored by the batsmen. This is also used to mention a four and a six collectively

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Six Hit – A shot which passes over or touches the boundary area without having bounced or rolled, it scores six runs to the batsmen hitting the ball.

Half Century Bonus – The individual score of 50 runs and above, but less than 100 runs.

Century Bonus – The individual score of 100 and more runs. This is a significant landmark for a batsman.

Strike-rate Bonus – In batting it is a percentage equal to the number of runs scored by a batsman divided by the number of balls faced. And in bowling, it is the average number of deliveries bowled before a bowler takes a wicket.

Wicket Taken – It is the dismissal of a batsman by the opponent team. The more wickets are taken, more points are earned in the fantasy cricket.

Economy Rate – the average number of runs scored per over in the bowler’s spell

Maiden Over – It is an over in which no runs are scored off the bat, and no wides or no-balls are bowled. Maiden over is a good performance for a bowler. They are tracked as part of a bowling analysis.

Catch – It is to dismiss a batsman by a fielder, catching the ball after the batsman has hit it with his bat but before it hits or touches the ground.

Run-out – It is the dismissal of a batsman by a by the opponent team fielder breaking the wicket when the batsman is outside his or her crease in the process of taking a run in between the wicket.

Stump – One of the three vertical posts making up the wicket.

Over – the delivery of six consecutive legal balls by one bowler

Enjoy fantasy cricket only at 11Wickets.com!

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