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Top 15 Android Weather Apps and Weather Widgets

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Understanding the atmosphere is something that we all in all essentially need to know. Mobile phone weather apps and weather widgets have been steadily improving consistently. They work better, have dynamically positive and accurate information, and the weather widget looks better with whatever theme you happen to use.

Below mentioned are the top 15 weather apps and weather widgets which are presently available for Android devices. Here we go:

weather app for android download in 2019

1. 1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar

1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar


It has been a while we have 1Weather by OneLouder Apps around all of us and isn’t only a champion among the most standard weather apps on this summary, yet moreover, a standout amongst the most rose assessed. It goes with your standard features like your regular step by step and hourly forecasting and access to additional nearby information. There are in like manner some weather widgets available.

The structure/design of the app is new and clean. It also consists of the Android Wear support, weather tracking for about 12 cities, and it supports about 25 languages. Its free version comes with most of the features.  Moreover, you have the option to pay $0.99 to oust advancing.

2. AccuWeather: Weather Alerts & Live Storm Radar

AccuWeather: Weather Alerts & Live Storm Radar


Accuweather (which is coined by Accuweather.com) is one of the more strong weather apps. It highlights the nuts and bolts, which includes extended as well as hourly forecasts, and so forth. Different highlights incorporate radar, Android Wear backing, and others.

It likewise incorporates a MinuteCast include. It predicts downpour on a moment by-minute premise. The application itself looks really great. Moreover, the widgets are functional. This is by far one of the better all-around weather applications.

3. YoWindow Weather

YoWindow Weather


YoWindow Weather app is one of the more exceptional weather applications. It’s exceptionally pompous. You can move your finger over the UI to see the weather at some arbitrary point in the day. It is like manner covers the basics truly well. It’s not as historic as some weather apps. Regardless, ease has its favorable circumstances as well.

This is an unprecedented weather app for the people who need something fundamental yet moreover still looks incredible. You can get the application to no end to assess most of the features. The paid variation goes for $2.99. It’s a reasonable expense for what you’re getting.

4. Carrot Weather 

CARROT Weather


Carrot Weather is a more current weather application. This one highlights clever and mocking statements, for example, What The Forecast. Be that as it may, this one additionally has some sensibly special weather features and highlights which includes the basics such as forecasts, hourly temperatures, and other.

Notwithstanding, the application’s premium features are somewhat more fun. They incorporate weather widgets alongside as long as 70 years of weather history. When it comes to the premium version of it, it costs either $1.99 every month or $3.99 every year. We exceptionally prescribe the option of $3.99 every year since it spares you a huge amount of cash over the long haul.

Dark Sky - Hyperlocal Weather

5. Dark Sky – Hyperlocal Weather

Dark Sky had a harsh begin on Android. It got a reaction for being among the main weather applications to have a membership. Particularly since the iOS version of it doesn’t. Besides the little piece of the discussion, the Dark Sky application is in reality quite amazing.

It highlights one of the better radars that we’ve seen and it has up-to-the-minute updates of the forecast. There are additionally weather widgets if in case you happen to require those. You can evaluate the top notch or premium version for no cost at all and you can utilize it for nothing without a membership as long as you wouldn’t fret fewer highlights.

6. Google Feed


When it comes to the Google Assistant, it isn’t one of the standard weather apps. It can demonstrate to you the weather, however. You just approach Google and ask for the weather. You can request the present weather, weather alerts, and more similar stuff.

You can simply click on the weather card to get extra data on the web. It doesn’t have a great deal of the highlights as these other weather applications. Notwithstanding, it’s great for instant checks. It’s additionally totally free. The application comes pre-installed on almost every other Android gadget too.

7. MyRadar Weather Radar

MyRadar Weather Radar

MyRadar is basically a simple application you can see the weather radar on. It comes equipped with a full variety of features, which includes the ability in order to play animations and hence, one can also see if the rain comes or goes. Moreover, the app itself is pretty standard but one can purchase it for the additional feature as in-app purchases.

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Also, there are some of the additional highlights which incorporate a hurricane tracker as well as additional radar features. Other than that, this app works best when used in combination with a standard weather app. MyRadar app is free to download along with other optional in-app purchases.

8. NOAA Weather Radar Live & Alerts

NOAA Weather Radar Live & Alerts


NOAA Weather Unofficial is an application which basically sources the NOAA as well as the National Weather Service when it comes to its data. Moreover, you are able to find things such as the newest weather forecasts, radar, hourly conditions, and other things.

Also, you are able to track various cities at one time and you can also choose the weather widgets from there. The only negative thing about this app is that it doesn’t support intense weather alerts. And hence, you are only able to perform a check for those in the app, but that’s the only thing you can do about it. Moreover, the app comes with a free as well as a paid version and we highly recommend you to try the free one first.

9. Storm: Weather Radar, Live Maps + Tornado Tracker

Storm Weather Radar, Live Maps Tornado Tracker


Storm Radar is a slightly on the different side from the other weather apps although it works quite a similar way. However, this app focuses largely on intense weather, for example, tornadoes, hurricanes, severe thunderstorms and various other meteorological acts of Nature. The weather radar consists of about 20 layers when it comes to a ton of customization.

Moreover, you are able to get a ton of extras such as present temperatures, forecasts, and more. The problem is basically that this is from The Weather Channel and as per what we are thinking, it’s a way better than any standard Weather Channel app. Moreover, it’s totally free with ads only if you have an interest in it.

10. Today Weather – Forecast, Radar & Severe Alert

Today Weather - Forecast, Radar & Severe Alert

When the Today Weather came out in 2017, it was a completely pleasant surprise being a clean, quick, and functional weather app consisting of more than required features for almost everyone. The app incorporates the usual suspects, for example, weather widgets, weather forecasts, actual temperature versus real feel, humidity, severe weather alerts, and other helpful information such as the air quality index, sunrise/sunset times, and moon cycles.

Moreover, the radar is too one among the most amazing that we have utilized. Other than that, the application is free of cost to download and you can use it with additional/optional in-app buys.

11. Weather by WeatherBug: Real-Time Forecast & Alerts

Weather by WeatherBug: Real Time Forecast & Alerts


WeatherBug is one of the many previous weather apps. This weather app features almost everything you would be expecting from your weather app which basically incorporates temperature, radar, weather alerts, weather forecasts, and more.

Also, this app features 18 unique weather maps along with a lightning alert system as well as traffic conditions and more. Other than that, it comes with weather widgets, but they have to be separately downloaded. Moreover, it’s an app which is really trustworthy and stable weather app consisting of more than required features for mostly everyone.

The app developers have done a fantastic job by keeping the UI at minimally modernized. WeatherBug app’s free version is very well suited to mostly everyone out there.

12. Weather Maps & Storm Radar – The Weather Channel

Weather Maps & Storm Radar - The Weather Channel

Weather Channel is one among the most recognizable apps to know about the weather out there by covering almost all of the basics one weather app has to. Now, these basics consist of future forecasts, current temperature, intense weather alerts, radar, and others. Weather Channel also incorporates breaking news, pollen alerts as well as lightning alerts.

Moreover, there is a huge range of widgets, a different tablet UI, and other additional stuff that is required. Other than that, it doesn’t seem to cut any corners which then prove it to be less good for people who are looking for a normal solution. Weather Channel app is free of cost to download combined with no in-app purchases.

13. Weather Underground: Forecasts

Weather Underground: Forecasts

Weather Underground is one app among the more absolute weather apps. This app features almost every basic and hence, you won’t be feeling bored with much details. Apart from the normal stuff, this app includes health data, for example, UV risk, pollen, or/and local flu outbreaks, and it also comes equipped with the weather widgets.

The Weather Underground app highlights hyper-local weather. There are individual weather stations almost everywhere out there and they are believed to deliver weather nearer to your real location. Moreover, when it comes to the Weather Underground app, its free version comes with all of the features combined with advertising. However, the reasonable annual subscription prevents advertising if you prefer to do that.

14. What The Forecast?!!



What The Forecast is one among the latest apps to reading the weather. Probably, you would have seen the app’s screenshots some place on social media platforms. What the Forecast app provides you with funny quips which basically tell about the weather outside. Moreover, it concludes about 6600 plus phrases and comes with an additional setting for profanity.

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Other than that, the app consists of a seven-day forecast, current temperature, integration with AerisWeather, the real feel, and other various things. What The Forecast is definitely a good as well as a fun weather app for people who require something pretty standard along with some form of uniqueness to it. Moreover, the profanity setting isn’t something which is preferable for everyone, and we are aware of it actually.

15. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather

Well, Yahoo Weather app is probably one among their most preferred apps. This weather app comes with essential weather information, weather alerts, a beautiful design, radar, and more. This weather app is able to track up to 20 cities and it also shows beautiful imagery from sources such as Flickr. Well, that’s all this app does, though.

Other than that, this app provides you with the weather basics and looks quite flashy which is good if that is something that you prefer. However, for people who are asking for something more intense might want to search somewhere else. Yahoo Weather app is free of cost with no in-app purchases required. It does consist of ads, though.

Getting Google’s Hidden Weather App on Android Home Screen

Have you been wondering where your Weather widget Android disappeared? And is it that you still haven’t found a way out of it? Well, here we are to help you encounter this issue and tell you how you can get the widget back on your home screen, so simply follow the process given below.

You are now able to access Google’s slick Weather app without the need to first opening the Google or/and News and Weather apps. However, you will still require using Google in order to access the weather the way we used to do previously i.e. in an old-fashioned manner. Although you will still get the choice of placing a shortcut on the home screen of your device in order to directly access the weather going forth.

Google’s Weather app or applet (as some prefer to call it) is simply one among the most preferred ways in order to view the local forecast on your Android device.  Moreover, it definitely has playful animations, a polished Material Design interface, and accurate forecast data which is taken from weather.com.

And Google’s Weather app is not just like some other weather apps out in the market, this app doesn’t seem to abuse allowances in order to pry your personal information from your Android smartphone as this is just a piece of the Google app.

Step 1: ‘OK Google, What’s the Weather Like?’

At first, open up your Google app or simply start your Google Assistant by pressing the home button for a longer time, then go ahead and either tell it “OK Google” or tap the microphone icon in order to activate voice search (just in case if it isn’t listening already).

Then, you will have to say something such as “Show me the weather” or “What’s the weather like in [preferred area],” etc. Moreover, you can simply move forward by typing “weather” into the Google search bar, but obviously, that’s not the kind of thing in the current times. Now, you will be able to see the weather pop-up on Google’s results page.

Simply press the current temperature on the card which appears in front of you.

1.jpg 2.jpg

Step 2: Add Weather to the Home Screen of Your Android Device

Now, you only require pressing on the hamburger menu which is located at the top-left corner of the screen. There, under the section named Weather, you’ll be able to see the option for switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Now, under this, you will be able to find an option in order to add Weather to your Android’s home screen.

Move forward and simply press that and the Weather app will then be added to the home screen of your device. Now, you will be able to put the shortcut anywhere you are willing to and it will always get opened to the local forecast.


weather widget

However, when it comes to the downside of this app, the only negative side is the app icon has to stay on the home screen if you need easy access to this app. Now, as this is only a shortcut in the Google app, you will not be able to insert the Weather icon off in the app drawer. Other than that, if you’re simply not interested in this home screen icon, you may also require trying the widget version of the same application.



Now, simply tap any empty space on the device’s home screen for a fewer second till something pops up and then choose “Widgets,” and then tap on “Google.” Here, you’ll come across four options to choose from— simply tap and hold the widget that says, “At a Glance” and then just drag it to the home screen.

Now, this will help you get a widget which has got today’s date or/and any future events in the Google Calendar, and the weather which is only to the right. Now, on this widget, if you press the weather icon, the same Weather app will get opened.

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