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Play Store Not Downloading Apps: Easy Troubleshooting Tricks!

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Play Store Not Downloading Apps

Can’t download any app from the Google Play store? Is it crashing and showing you some error code? Not to worry at all! Our tech experts’ are here to provide you with the best troubleshooting tricks. Yes, play store not downloading apps is easily curable! Go through and fix it on your own.

Google play store is the most trusted and convenient way of downloading Android apps. But it restricts you many times from installing any application. You might know, error code pops up in the My apps and games section with an option for canceling the download. Which kind of error occurs with your Google play store? Let’s have a look.

Common Google Play Store error code

  • Play Store Error DF-BPA-09 ‘Error Processing Purchase’
    • Problem- Network connection is unstable
  • Error Code 194
    • Problem- Causes while downloading games
  • Google Play Store Error Code 495
    • Problem- Update error restricts download
  • Play Store Error Code 941
    • Problem- Incomplete update
  • Error Code rpc:s-5:aec-0
    • Problem- Issue with the server, and can’t retrieve information
  • Google Play Store Error Code rh01
    • Problem- Information retrieving error
  • Error Code 504
    • Problem- Cache, and Cookies occurs download pending error

These are a few error codes that Play Store shows you while downloading any app or game. However, it’s time to know the easy tricks to get rid of Play Store error codes.

How to fix Play Store Not Downloading Apps

Several ways are there to fix the Play Store download error. We have enlisted the most effective ones below. Take a look now.

Solution 1: Check your network connection

Firstly, you need to check your network connection to ensure it is stable. If your data connection is fluctuating, again and again, you might face the issue. In case you are using Wi-Fi, check your router and place it in the proper range.

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Solution 2: Remove other pending downloads

When you set install multiple apps at a time, Play Store creates a queue. It keeps downloading apps one by one. So, whenever you feel your app is not getting downloaded, go to the Menu option first. Next, tap on “My apps & games”. Now you have to check if there is any pending download that needs to be finished first. If yes, either download the app or tap on “X” to cancel the download. Thus you can get your wished app installed.

Solution 3: Disable the existing VPN

If you are using a VPN, your Play Store may show tantrums while downloading any app. Mostly, security concerned people use VPN, as it changes your location. Even VPN is used to get access to region-restricted locked sites. If there is any bug in your VPN application, it will prevent the Google Play Store from downloading apps. So, it’s better to remove the VPN and check whether the issue still exists.

Solution 4: Perform a force stop

If your phone has saved any leftover data or cache, and cookies, you will face the “Download pending in Play Store” issue. Hence, you have to perform a force stop first. Then, you have to clear old data, all cache, and cookies. To do so, follow the below steps.

  • Open the Settings first
  • Next, go to the Apps section
  • Find Google Play Store there
  • Now, tap on Force stop option
  • After that, tap on Clear data

It will clear all the pre-existing data, cache, and cookies. You may have to log in to your account again. Do so and check if the issue gets fixed.

Solution 5: Modify app preferences

If the above methods fail, reset the app preferences to fix play store not downloading apps error. Resetting option is hidden deep inside the app settings. Hence, the below steps will guide you to do so.

  • Firstly, open settings
  • Next, tap on “Apps”
  • Now you have to open the menu
  • Choose “Reset app preferences” from the list
  • Then a pop-up menu will open for giving you the details
  • Tap n Reset apps to complete the process
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Once you are done, it will change settings for all apps. Now you can install apps third-party apps. So, the Google Play Store won’t show any error code anymore. If it does, perform our next solutions. You are bound to find the fix.

Solution 6: Remove your SD Card

If there is an issue with your SD card, it might restrict the Google Play Store. If your SD Card gets corrupted, needs formatting, or affected with malware or virus- you will face the download pending error. Also, your memory card may save leftover data to prevent the download.

So you must remove your SD card and check if Google Play Store is working correctly. If not, creating a new account is the only option to get rid of Google Play Store error code.

Solution 7: Create a new account

When you log in to Google Play Store with an account, you need to give permissions or access. If your account doesn’t allow certain things, download error may cause. So the best option is to remove your existing account and try downloading with a new one.

  • At first, open Settings
  • Next, tap on Sync or Accounts, based on your phone’s UI
  • After that, a list of your active accounts will come up, tap on Google there
  • Now, tap on the “More” option, and you will see the button of “Remove account”
  • Finally, tap on that to remove your account successfully

Once you are done, log in with a new account and download all your wished apps and games.

Final Verdict

That’s all guys! Now you know how to discard the play store not downloading apps error. It’s time to download your favorite app or game and make most out of it. If you face any issue while performing these steps, reach us. Just drop a comment in the below box, and we will be reaching you in no time!

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