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How to root my phone: Fast and smoothly

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how to root my phone

If you root your Android smartphone, you have full access and write rights to the Android operating system and can even replace it with an alternative OS. However, you run the risk of destroying your cell phone while you could jeopardize warranty and guarantee rights. Sometimes we need to root our device, but we couldn’t get e authentic news from a trustable website. If we couldn’t root properly, then it will be harmful to our device. In this post, I’ll describe how to root my phone and what sare the demerits of roots. 


How to root my phone without pc


The word “root” comes from the Linux language and means administrator. The root has full access to all possible areas of a system and can change them as required – comparable to an administrator for Windows systems. Since Android based on Linux, the term has also become established for administrators of smartphone systems with Google’s OS. Therefore, the terms “root rights” and “root account” are standard.

In the factory setting, as a smartphone user, you have no root rights. Only rooting will practically promote you to “SuperUser,” who has full access and write reasons to the Android phone system. A smartphone is rooted in using a special app. Exactly how rooting works depends on the device and the installed version of Android.


Root instructions: 


  1. Back up data – create a backup
  2. Install Recovery App
  3. Tools for root access: One click root


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Now you install the actual tool for root access. One of the more popular programs that work on many Android phones is the SuperSU tool. So that you can now also control the root access rights of each installed app, you still have to install the SuperSU app for Android.



Root cell phone: these are the disadvantages

Anyone rooting their smartphone accepts security gaps and damage to their Android due to the system interference. Because the original Android version cannot always be restored, and a faulty root can even destroy the device and not only lead to data loss and crashes. The installation of custom ROMs can also cause problems on some smartphones.

Last but not least, users who root their Android smartphone can lose the right to the statutory warranty rights if the smartphone manufacturer can prove beyond any doubt that the root has caused any damage.


Final word:


If you want to root your cell phone, you should be aware that at least some features will no longer work as they should. Because the smartphone manufacturer coordinates hardware and software so that they harmonize with each other. If you make profound changes, in extreme cases, this can lead to your cell phone no longer working – and you will lose your guarantee and warranty claims.


So you should know precisely what you are doing and what you want to achieve with it. If you wish to try this, you should better grab an old smartphone that you have long since sorted out. I hope your question is how to root my phone solved.

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