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How to increase wifi speed very fast and smooth

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how to increase wifi speed

If your internet browsing speed is not as fast as you have contracted, it is possible that the router’s wifi connection is not performing correctly. We explain how to improve this situation. The fiber is currently the fastest way and stable Internet access. Every day there are more homes and companies with this connection, and operators offer speeds ranging from 50 Mbps to a dizzying 1,000 Mbps. Without a doubt, a service that is light years away from what we had five years ago. From this section, you will learn to know how to increase wifi speed. So if you are interested in it, then read this article.


Getting know: how to increase wifi speed fast and smoothly.


The fact is that several users do not notice a significant difference when they connect to the Internet from their computer, mobile phone, console, or Smart TV, after having contracted a fiber optic connection. But why does this happen? Here we explain what the problem is and how you can solve it. Let’s reading…


Location: avoid elements that interfere or block the signal


The most common problem is that the router is too far from the device we want to connect. Therefore, we have to analyze the placement of the router. It is possible that changing the position, even a couple of meters, can radically change the WiFi signal.


It is essential to analyze what is around the router. We have to try to ensure that there is as much distance as possible from obstacles. Such as walls or ceilings, although without going too far from the area we want to cover, following the following indications:

  • Avoid surfaces or large metal panels. Such as setting the router after the television will make the cover to prevent many of the signs.
  • Avoid hiding it in a drawer or putting it on a covered shelf, as we will be blocking the signal.
  • It is recommended to move the router as far as possible from the neighbors’ systems.
  • Put the router in a high area and off the ground with some obstacles.
  • Keep it away from microwaves and cordless phones (these operate at 2.4 GHz, so it is possible that if the interference is substantial, you will get better coverage even with the 5 GHz network)
  • Please keep it away from areas with many cables or halogen bulbs to avoid interference.


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Know the WiFi coverage in your own home


Some applications allow you to know how many networks are near you, the amount of signal that reaches you from your system, decibels, noise, channel in which you are operating, etc. Among them, we find some such as WiFi Finder or WiFi Analyzer on Android, WiFi Finder on iOS or WiFi Analyzer, and Acrylic for Windows. 


However, the complete NetSpot, which, by going around your house with your computer, allows you to create a map of your home to see which the points where more coverage lost and thus improve the WiFi. It is available for Windows and macOS.

How to configure it on your PC?


You go to the bar below and enter the part of the wifi settings. You will find a section called the Network and Sharing Center; clicking it will take you to the signal where you are connected and click again. It would help if you went to the properties. Then locate the name of the wifi you are using.

A new pane will appear, and you will choose the second option. Where you select that, you will use the custom DNS, and in the first box, you enter, and in the second, you enter Then you give to save changes, and you must restart your browser for the settings you just made to take effect. In this practical way, you can speed up your internet.


How to improve wifi speed


Therefore, if you are a gamer and sometimes the wifi is a bit slow, you may not know how to improve and configure the wifi so that you can play online. But, all the inconveniences can be solved by applying some techniques and thus improve the signal. Therefore For starters, the higher the router is, the more optimized the network will be.


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Therefore The wifi signal is emitted as an umbrella. Hence, the important it, the better the signal propagation. Avoid placing the router near a wall or ceiling as the signal strength is reduced.


Therefore I hope you knew now how to increase wifi speed fast and very smoothly.

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