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How to host a zoom meeting: Top Effective method to use

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how to host a zoom meeting

During the coronavirus pandemic, technological tools have become essential to continue working and being in contact with loved ones. Among these tools, the Zoom video conferencing application stands out, which has taken a massive leap in popularity thanks to its easy use, both for business meetings and among friends who saw due to the quarantine of various countries, including Ecuador. This application allows you to interact with up to 100 participants for a maximum of 40 minutes. In its free version, since it also has a more focused payment for companies and with a more premium service. However, the free version used perfectly.Zoom used on a computer, Android devices, or Apple devices such as iPhone or iPad. in this article, I’ll show how to host a zoom meeting in 2020.

Getting know: How to host a zoom meeting in 2020

Here are the following steps:

1. Register: First steps of how to host a zoom meeting

The first step is to enter their website ( www.zoom.us ) to create an account with your data, including your email.


2. Start a meeting

When you already have the hosting account, you can go to the meetings tab in your profile or write directly in the address bar: zoom.us/meeting. In either case, it will take you to a page where you must choose the Upcoming Meetings tab, then press the “Schedule a new meeting” button.

A theme and the time it will take place. It also sets the probable time that it will last, but in the end, it cannot exceed 40 minutes. On that same page, you can put a meeting ID or address, a password (optional) in addition to configuring video and audio. In the end, put ‘Save’ to finish creating the meeting.

3. Share the meeting

Then you can go back to the “Meetings” section and see your meeting scheduled. Also, there you can start it early or delete it if you want.

Something important is to look at the “Website address to join,”. which is the address that can be shared easily with others.

The person who receives that link will click and go to the Zoom application site, which will ask them to download the application to their computer or phone to make the video call. After the first time, you will be able to enter more meetings of this type.

4. Speak at the meeting

without audio-video, in addition to other options that appear in the bottom bar of the screen. if it disappears You just have to hover the mouse pointer the bottom to reappear. You can find a column on the right portion where participants can chat. There is also an option to record the meeting.

When the meeting is over, the hosts can either just walk away and let the meeting continue or end the meeting and removing all the participants.


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