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How to connect AirPods – Best proven method

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how to connect AirPods

These are days of news and changes. The coronavirus crisis has caught us on the wrong foot, and we must get used to different routines very quickly. One of those adaptation processes is the one that, from one day to the next, has led many people to telework. During yesterday the AirPods of Apple went on sale. If you’ve got one of them, it’s time to take a look at this guide to learn how to configure, use, and customise them to suit you. In this writing,  you will understand how to connect AirPods.  If you are tired of a finding of it.  From here you will get  the best solution for you. Let’s get started. 


Getting know: how to connect AirPods in 2020 


To be able to perform the procedure, you need to have your AirPods in the charging case and press the little white button, which is the back of this famous case. Hold for a few seconds until a small white light flashes inside the case (a tiny lightbulb is right between the two headphones). 


When this light flashes, it means your AirPods are in pairing mode. So they are detectable from every other Bluetooth device and in our case exactly from your Android smartphone. So grab your phone and head over to the Bluetooth settings. Device recognized “. You see them by their classic name Airpods.


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While very convenient, if you want to take advantage of AirPods without purchasing Apple hardware, we come across some small details that easily disrupt the use of these CIS devices. We feel some lack of fluidity more often than Apple because they benefit from optimisation software that Android users cannot access. Nothing very punishing.


Also, they offered access to the main features of Airpods, such as B. Automatic pause when you remove an airport from your ear.


However, there are still some very active functions, such as mono mode with one of the two headphones in your pocket so that you don’t have both ears in the music, or even double-tapping one of the two headphones to interrupt a call or accept!



Appropriate problem


Sometimes that is connecting entre Les Airpods, and your smartphone is not automatic. If it does, try taking your Airpods out of their case, then replacing them and then repeating the process explained above. Also, try to disable Bluetooth from your smartphone, so restart the connection. Tell yourself that for most problems, the best thing to do is to turn everything off, turn it back on, and try again.



If none of these worked, the solution is still to reset your Airpods. It requires holding down the button on the back of the case for about 15 seconds until you see the LED flashing orange. Then repeat the pairing process.


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Volume problems: There is a sound problem on Android with air capsules, which often come out weaker than on the iPhone. And it can quickly become a problem if you want to listen to music in a noisy place. However, there is a solution to hearing a little better. 


To do this, you need to access two volume settings that you have access to. Because you should know that when you connect an audio device Bluetooth, it has its music control, this means that you can adjust the sound on your smartphone, but also on your Airpods. 


To do this, press the volume button. The volume displayed on your smartphone screen. You must click the down arrow next to the volume control to all call volume control, including the one we were looking for, Bluetooth. If it is not complete, then you increase the better you can hear.


Final word on how to connect AirPods


However, since the two earphones not even connected by a strap. There is at least a residual probability that one of the eavesdroppers will fall out of your ears. As Apple now explains in a support document. A single left or right AirPod also be purchased in such a case. This replacement costs 69 US dollars. I hope you already knew how to connect AirPods. If you have any asks let me know via email or comment us on the blog.


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