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5 Best Android Phone Cleaner App in 2019

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More than 65 billion Android apps have been downloaded till date. And on an average, an Android smartphone user accesses close to 40-60 apps per month out of the 80 downloaded apps. People tend to download apps way more than required which results in half of them being unused. Then there are apps which keep running in the background like our mobile clock.

Why do Android apps run in the background?

Ans – Various apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, news, clock, weather report provide you live notifications and to do that they keep running in the background.

Hence, as the Android user base and the number of downloads increase, the smartphone’s performance is decreasing. In order to address this long term issue, mobile cleaner apps have been developed. This primarily clears all the junk files and hibernates the unused apps which reduce the CPU’s workload and boosts the device’s performance.

Why do the apps eat up your device’s memory?

Ans – When a mobile application is installed, it distributes various files throughout your system, eating up the hard drive’s space unnecessarily.

Now, there are different types of Android mobile cleaner apps with various features. However only some of them really boost the performance. Following are the 5 Best Android Cleaner Apps for 2019.


1. RedGreen – RedGreen is the most potential and popular cleaning apps in this space. It has been a Finalist at CTIA Tech Awards 2016. Just not mobile, this app can work with any Android device.

This is the best Android optimizer to speed up your device and reclaim its storage space. This power cleaner app enhances your device with the help of its App Manager, Speed Booster, Junk Cleaner, App Lock, Battery Saver & Data Security, Android Cleaner, Facebook optimizer.

RedGreen is a superb clean master which boosts your memory by cleaning the RAM efficiently. It cleans up junk, clears cache, secures private data, cools down CPU, manages unwanted apps, conserves energy and accelerates the device.

RedGreen does not have un-necessary permissions and does not display any ads.

Main Features:

  1. Facebook Optimization – This is the only app of all the app cleaners which can actually improve your Facebook app’s performance and its impact on the life of the battery.
  2. Smart Memory Boost – Unlike other apps, RedGreen optimizes and performs auto boost memory at predetermined intervals for optimal Android device performance.
  3. App Manager – You can schedule auto to uninstall or it automatically deletes all the unused or inactive apps. Most of the times, we end up with apps which are and inactive but cannot be deleted. Other apps tend to delete such apps, however, with RedGreen, such apps can be moved to ‘Favorite’. This frees up your personal as well as phone’s memory.
  4. Speed Booster – It helps you to delete/uninstall multiple unwanted apps at once. Additionally, like any other cleaner app, it deletes cache, browsing history, junk folders/files and unwanted data from your clipboard.
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This feature also displays the cache of every app and identifies the apps which consume more space. RedGreen automatically manages device memory – at pre-specified intervals based on the size of cache data/junk files/residual files.

  • App Lock – You don’t have to worry anymore before sharing your phone to colleagues or anybody else. This smart applock protects your data and can securely lock the applications individually from unintended users.

You can now safely lock your private pics in the gallery, secret messages in Snapchat or Whatsapp, SMS and private emails in Gmail individually.

It can also protect the user data even if the device is stolen.

  • Battery Saver & CPU Cooler – Extend your battery life with just one tap. This intelligent battery saver detects and stops/deletes the apps that are draining your mobile.

This smart app also manages all start-up and background processes. The apps which drain the battery also cause the CPU to overheat. By detecting and stopping them this smart app also cools down your CPU which in turn again makes your battery last longer.

Download RedGreen – Best App Cleaner


2. Clean Master – This is also one of the most popular Android apps which helps to boost the performance of your device. It also keeps your data safe from viruses.

Clean master lets the user clean the application’s waste files, puts unused apps to hibernate, clears cache and history.

This application is also equipped with antivirus which scans all the files for malware and viruses from time to time. Additionally, it displays the status of battery charge and can hide your photos from unintended people.

Main Features:

  1. Junk Cleaner – Removes junk and residual files, along with clearing all the cache and browser history.
  2. Antivirus – This app scans for the virus on all the apps.
  3. Private Photo – Photos are kept safe by encrypting them.
  4. WIFI Security – It detects fake WIFI and unauthorized connections.
  5. Battery Saver – By hibernating the unused apps, it saves battery power and extends the battery’s life.

Download Clean Master


3. CCleaner – CCleaner is also among the favorite apps for both mobile and desktop users. Like the other mobile cleaners, C Cleaner also cleans and optimizes your device by clearing all cache, unwanted browser history & applications, residual files and folders.

It has a very simple and easy interface which displays the mobile charge status, temperature and RAM usage. Keeps the motherboard cool by hibernating unused apps. It can also determine the impact of a specific app on your Android device.

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Main Features:

  1. Optimize and Clean – This app clears all the cache, browser history and spam files or folders.
  2. Free up Space – It can quickly and easily uninstall multiple unwanted apps.
  3. Analyze Application’s Impact – Finds the apps that are draining the phone’s battery.
  4. Speed Up Device – With task killer, it can kill all the apps running in the background.

Download CCleaner

NOX Cleaner

4.NOX Cleaner – This is one of the most highly rated Android apps for your mobile. It speeds up your device’s RAM by cleaning up junk folders and files which provides more storage space.

It can also work for Android 8+ Oreos. It smartly moves or deletes unused apps with just one touch and boosts up the device’s performance.

This is one of those apps which does not feature any ads.

Main Features:

  1. Trash Cleaner – Nox cleaner clears all the junk files and folders which are slowing down the mobile.
  2. Battery Saver – Analyzes battery usage status and helps to stop the battery-draining applications.
  3. Speed Up RAM – As the app clears away all the unnecessary data, it frees up the space in RAM, speeding it up.
  4. CPU Cooler – It can analyze the CPU’s temperature and detect the apps which cause it to heat.
  5. Android 8+ Oreos – Not all cleaner apps are compatible with every version. But this app can optimally work on Android 8+ version.
  6. Photo Management – Nox cleaner can segregate photos that are blurry or similar, so that they can be deleted. It can also reduce the size of the photos without affecting the quality.

Download NOX Cleaner

5. Max Cleaner – This Android app is an antivirus and a mobile cleaner. It cleans your cache, cleans up all the junk folders and files freeing up memory space.

Additionally, this app cools down the CPU and can lock the apps for security reasons.

Main Features:

  1. Phone Cleaner – Clears phone’s cache and browser history.
  2. Virus Cleaner – This app is equipped with antivirus software to detect the malwares and other harmful viruses.
  3. App Locker – Can lock the required apps and gallery to protect your privacy.
  4. CPU Cooler – Removes unwanted and unused apps which reduces the unwanted run time of CPU, in turn cooling it.
  5. Call Blocker – can block spam and unwanted calls.
  6. Notifications Cleaner – Deep cleans the device by removing unwanted notifications.
  7. File Scanner – Boosts up the speed of the device by cleaning all the junk files.
  8. Battery Saver – Saves your battery by closing down the apps that are draining the mobile charge.

Download Max Cleaner

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